Things I Say vs. Things I Mean #2

What I said:

Me to my Husband on Memorial Day: I think the kids would really like it if we had a fondue party for dinner tonight.

Husband: No.

Me: Why not??

Husband: Well, I guess that’s fine as long as the fondue set is washed and put away tonight and not sitting on the counter forever.

Me: Okay, no problem.

What I meant:

The pot will most certainly still be sitting on the counter over a week from now, and I love you for going along with the whole fondue thing even though you know my track record for getting around to the “extra” dishes that don’t fit in the dishwasher…

Things I Say vs. Things I Mean


What I said to my husband: “I’ll work on getting the house picked up for tomorrow [because your mother is coming over.]”

What I meant (judging by how I spent the afternoon): I’m going to sit on the couch and eat pizza and catch up on the latest episode of Chicago P.D., while I glare at the pile of laundry across the room and yell at the kids upstairs to lay back down and take a nap.

Do you think he’ll notice the difference come 5pm?